This is the opening page for a new Robert E. Howard bibliography page. We have taken the story list created by Paul Herman of Plano, TX and combined it with the book content pages created by Todd Woods  of Austin, TX and have tried to make a complete listing of all sources of the fiction of Robert E. Howard.

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The Works of Robert E. Howard 

This bibliography is an ongoing project, and is not considered complete, though it likely includes over 95% of all known publications containing REH material.  Further, while efforts are made to present only accurate information, the sheer quantity of information provided dictates that some errors will crop up from time to time, though again the accuracy of the information is likely more than 95%.  The providers of this bibliography make no claim as to the accuracy of any individual datum.  If any errors are found or other information needed to be added, please contact howardfan and let us know promptly.

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