Solomon Kane
Year : November 1995
Book No. : 0-671-87695-1
Edition : 1st
Format : PB
Pages : 311
Cover art : Ken Kelly

"Introduction" by Ramsey Campbell
"Skulls in the Stars"
"The Right Hand of Doom"
"Red Shadows"
"Rattle of Bones"
"The Castle of the Devil"
"Death's Black Riders" (fragment)
"The Moon of Skulls"
"The One Black Stain" (poem)
"Blades of the Brotherhood"
"The Hills of the Dead"
"Hawk of Basti"
"The Return of Sir Richard Grenville" (poem)
"Wings in the Night"
"The Footfalls Within"
"The Children of Asshur"
"Solomon Kane's Homecoming" (poem)
Attempts to restore the original text where available.
Robert E. Howard Library Vol. III
"The Castle of the Devil", "Hawk of Basti", and "The Children of Asshur" were completed by Ramsey Campbell. The introduction states where Howard ends and Campbell begins.

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