King Kull
Year : September 1967
Book No. : 0-447-75371-095
Edition : 1st
Format : PB
Pages : 223
Cover art : Roy Krenkel

"Exile of Atlantis"
"The Shadow Kingdom"
"The Altar and the Scorpion"
"Black Abyss"
"Delcardes' Cat"
"The Skull of Silence"
"Riders Beyond the Sunrise"
"By This Axe I Rule!"
"Striking of the Gong"
"Swords of the Purple Kingdom"
"Wizard and Warrior"
"The King and the Oak" (poem)
"The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune"
Stories edited by Lin Carter.
Contains a map of Kull's world drawn by Lin Carter.
2nd print - Sep. 1969
3rd print - Aug. 1972

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