Action Stories
January 1931 "The TNT Punch"
June 1931 "The Sign of the Snake"
October 1931 "Blow the Chinks Down"
November 1931 "Breed of Battle"
January 1932 "Dark Shanghai"
March/April 1934 "Mountain Man"
May/June 1934 "The Guns of the Mountain"
August 1934 "The Scalp Hunter"
October 1934 "A Gent from Bear Creek"
December 1934 "The Road to Bear Creek"
February 1935 "The Haunted Mountain"
April 1935 "War on Bear Creek"
 June 1935 "The Feud Buster"
August 1935 "The Cupid from Bear Creek"
October 1935 "The Riot at Cougar Paw"
December 1935 "The Apache Mountain War"
February 1936 "Pilgrims to the Pecos"
April 1936 "Pistol Politics"
June 1936 "Evil Deeds at Red Cougar"
August 1936 "High Horse Rampage"
September 1936 "No Cowherders Wanted"
October 1936 "The Conquerin' Hero of the Humbolts"
January 1937 "Sharp's Gun Serenade"

August 15, 1936 "The Dead Remember"
October 3, 1936 "A Gent from the Pecos"
October 17, 1936 "Gents on the Lynch"
October 31, 1936 "The Riot at Bucksnort"
November 28, 1936 "Vultures' Sanctuary"

Argosy All-Story Weekly
July 20, 1929 "Crowd-Horror"

Complete Stories
August 1936 "Country of the Knife"

Cowboy Stories
June 1936 "Man-Eating Jeopard"
July 1937 ??? "Knife-River Prodigal"

Dime Sports Magazine
April 1936 "Iron-Jaw"

Double-Action Western
December 1956 "While Smoke Rolled"

May 1961 "The Garden of Fear"
December 1961 "The Dead Remember"
January 1967 "The People of the Black Circle"

Fantasy Fan
March 1934 "Gods of the North"

Fantasy Fiction Magazine
March 1953 "The Black Stranger"

Fantasy Magazine
September 1935 "The Challenge From Beyond"

Famous Fantastic Mysteries
December 1952 "Skull-Face"
June 1953 "Worms of the Earth"

Fight Stories
July 1929 "The Pit of the Serpent"
February 1930 "The Bull Dog Breed"
March 1930 "Sailor's Grudge"
May 1930 "Fist and Fang"
June 1930 "The Iron Man"
July 1930 "Winner Take All"
September 1930 "Waterfront Fists"
November 1930 "Champ of the Forecastle"
January 1931 "Alleys of Peril"
May 1931 "Texas Fists"
December 1931 "Circus Fists"
February 1932 "Vikings of the Gloves"
March 1932 "Night of Battle"
Fall 1937 "Manila Manslaughter"
Winter 1937-38 "You Got to Kill a Bulldog"
Spring 1938 "Costigan vs. Kid  Camera"
June/July 1938 "Champ of the Seven Seas"
Winter 1938-39 "Cannibal Fists"
Summer 1939 "Shanghied Mitts"
Winter 1939-40 "Sucker Fight"
Summer 1940 "Stand Up and Slug!"
Fall 1940 "... Includin' the Scandinavian"
Winter 1940 "Leather Lightning"
Fall 1941 "The Waterfront Wallop"
Spring 1942 "Sampson Had A Soft Spot"
Summer 1942 "Slugger Bait"
Fall 1942 "Shore Leave for a Slugger"

Ghost Stories
April 1929 "Apparition in the Prize Ring"

Golden Fleece
November 1938 "Black Vulmea's Vengeance"
January 1939 "Gates of Empire"

Hopalong Cassidy's Western
Fall 1950 "Texas John Alden"

Jack Dempsey's Fight Magazine
May 1934 "The Slugger's Game"
June 1934 "General Ironfist"
August 1934 "Sluggers of the Beach"

The Magic Carpet Magazine
July 1933 "The Lion of Tiberius"
January 1934 "Alleys of Darkness"
January 1934 "The Shadow of the Vulture"

Marvel Tales
July/August 1934 "The Garden of Fear"

Masked Rider Western
May 1944 "Texas John Alden"

Max Brand's Western
January 1950 "Shave That Hawg!"
June 1950 "Vulture's Sanctuary"

Oriental Stories
October/November 1930 "The Voice of El-lil"
February/March 1931 "Red Blades of Black Cathay"
April/May/June 1931 "Hawks of Outremer"
Autumn 1931 "The Blood of Belshazzar"
Winter 1932 "The Sowers of the Thunder"
Spring 1932 "Lord of Samarcand"

Smashing Novels Magazine
December 1936 "Vultures of Whapeton"

Spicy-Adventure Stories
April 1936 "She Devil"
June 1936 "Desert Blood"
September 1936 "The Dragon of Kao Tsu"
November 1936 "The Purple Heart of Erlik"
January 1937 "Murderer's Grog"
September 1942 "Revenge by Proxy"
October 1942 "Nothing to Lose"
November 1942 "Outlaw Working"

Sport Story Magazine
September 25, 1931 "College Socks"
October 25, 1931 "Man With the Mystery Mitts"
December 25, 1931 "The Good Knight"

Star Western
September 1936 "The Curly Wolf of Sawtooth"

Strange Detective Stories
December 1933 "Black Talons"
February 1934 "Fangs of Gold"
February 1934 "The Tomb's Secret"

Strange Tales
June 1932 "People of the Dark"
January 1933 "The Cairn on the Headland"

Super-Detective Stories
May 1934 "Names in the Black Book"

Thrilling Adventures
January 1935 "The Treasures of Tartary"
December 1936 "Son of the White Wolf"

Thrilling Mystery
February 1936 "Graveyard Rats"
June 1936 "Black Wind Blowing"

October 1934 "Swords of Shahrazar"
December 1934 "The Daughter of Erlik-Khan"
June 1935 "Hawk of the Hills"
July 1935 "Blood of the Gods"

Weird Tales
July 1925 - Winter 1973 go to list

Top Western Fiction Annual
1952 "Texas John Alden"

Western Aces
October 1935 "Boot-Hill Payoff"