The "New" Howard Reader #1
Joe & Mona Marek
Year : 1998
Book No. : n/a
Edition : 1st
Format : Magazine
Pages : 28
Cover art : Joseph W. Marek

"Cimmeria (poem)
"The Devils of Dark Lake"
"Brachan the Kelt" (incomplete)
"Drake Sings of Yesterday" (poem)
Letter to Thrills of the Jungle Magazine
"Rebellion" (poem)
"Ambition in the Moonlight"
"The Sand-Hill's Crest" (poem)
"The Last Laugh" (incomplete)
Letter to E. Hoffman Price
"The Shadow of Doom"
"Only a Shadow on the Grass" (poem)
"All Hallow's Eve" (poem)
Letter to Carl Jacobi
"John L. Sullivan" (poem)
Untitled ("The night was damp.. :1) (incomplete)
"The Sword of Mahommed" (poem)
"The Shadow in the Well" (synopsis)
"Flint's Passing" (poem)
"The Supreme Moment"
Letter to August Derieth
"Untitled ("The wind from.. ") (incomplete)
"The King and the Oak" (poem)
Letter to Emil Petaja
"Untitled ("A Chinese washer, Ching-Ling...") (poem)
Letter to Novalyne Price
"Something About Eve"
"The Maiden of Kercheezer" (poem)
Letter to R.H. Barlow
"The House of Om" (synopsis)
Untitled ("This is a young world") (poem)
"The Whoopansat of Humorous  Kookooyam" (poem)
Letter to Robert W. Gordon
"The Cuckoo's Revenge" (poem)
Letter to Harold Preece
"Candles" (poem - in facsimile)
Afterword by Joe Marek
Cover pict

Other editions: none