The "New" Howard Reader #2
Joe & Mona Marek
Year : 1998
Book No. : n/a
Edition : 1st
Format : Magazine
Pages : 28
Cover art : Steven R. Trout

"A Song of the Naked Lands" (poem)
"The Touch of Death"
"The Tower of Time" (incomplete)
Letter to "The Eyrie" in Weird Tales
"Zukala's Love Song" (poem)
Letter to Carl Jacobi
"Red Thunder" (poem)
"The Ghost in the Doorway"
"For Man Was Given the Earth to Rule" (poem)
"Spectres in the Dark" (incomplete)
Letter to August Derleth
"Golnor the Ape" (incomplete)
"Buccaneer Treasure" (poem)
"The Sands of the Desert" (poem)
Letter to Emil Petaja
"Custom" (poem)
"A Dream"
"Memories" (poem)
"The Heathen"
"A Dungeon Opens" (poem)
"The Symbol" (poem)
"Miss High-Hat"
Letter to R.H. Barlow
"The Tale of Am-ra" (incomplete)
"The Viking of the Sky" (poem)
Letter to Harold Preece
"Dreaming on Downs" (poem)
Letter to Novalyne Price
"To a Man Whose Name I Never Knew"
"An Outworn Story" (poem)
Letter to Robert W. Gordon
"Aha! Or the Mystery of the  Queen's Necklace"
"A Young Wife's Tale" (poem)
"L'Envoi" (poem)
Letter to Hugh G. Schonfeld
Untitled ("And Bill, he looked at me and said") (poem)
Letter to Argosy All-Story Weekly Magazine
"A Man" (poem)
"Mountain Man" (magazine version)
Letters of Comment by our readers
Afterword by Joe Marek
Cover pict

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