The "New" Howard Reader #3
Joe & Mona Marek
Year : 1998
Book No. : n/a
Edition : 1st
Format : Magazine
Pages : 37
Cover art : William Cavalier

"The Rhyme of the Three Slavers" (poem)
Untitled ("The Dane came in with a rush ...") (incomplete)
"Serpent Vines"
Letter to 'The Eyrie" in Weird Tales
"Zukala's Jest" (poem)
Letter to Clark Ashton Smith
"Dance Macabre" (poem)
"Bran Mak Morn" (synopsis)
"The Chant Demoniac" (poem)
"Etched in Ebony"
Letter to Ft. Worth Star Telegram
"The Jade God" (incomplete)
"Miser's Gold" (poem)
"These Things Are Gods" (poem)
Letter to August Derleth
"War to the Blind" (poem)
"The Return of the Sorcerer"(incomplete)
"Seven Kings" (poem)
"Empire's Destiny" (poem)
"The Devil in His Brain"
Letter to Emil Petaja
"The Hand of Obeah"
"L'Envoi (poem)
Letter to R.H. Barlow
"Drowned" (poem)
Postcard to Novalyne Price
"Hashish Land"
"Girls" (poem)
Letter to August Lenniger
"Dagon Manor" (incomplete)
"The Galveston Affair"
Letter to Robert W. Gordon
Untitled ("Ho, merry bark, let's go") (poem)
Letter to Harold Preece
"Up, John Kane!" "poem)
"Guns of the Mountain" (magazine version)
"The Ghost of Camp Colorado" (in facsimile)
Letters of Comment by Our Readers
"Afterword" by Joe Marek
Cover pict

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