The "New" Howard Reader #5
Joe & Mona Marek
Year : 1999
Book No. : n/a
Edition : 1st
Format : Magazine
Pages : 41
Cover art : James B. Zimmerman

"The Dance with Death" (poem)
"Redflame" (incomplete)
Letter to "The Eyrie" in Weird Tales
"When Death Drops Her Veil" (poem)
Letter to E. Hoffmann Price
"Heritage" (poem)
"Black Country"
"Nocturne" (poem)
"Intrigue in Kurdistan" (incomplete)
Letter to August Derleth
"The Doom Chant of Than-Kul" (poem)
"Counterspelis" (poem)
Letter to Kirk Mashburn
"A Song of the Werewolf Folk" (poem)
"Halt! Who Goes There?"
"Dreams" (poem)
"The People of the Serpent"
Letter to Robert W. Gordon
"Wolfsdung" (incomplete)
"Universe" (poem)
Letter to R.H. Barlow
"The Feud" (poem)
Letter to Novalyne Price
"The Strange Case of Josiah Wilbarger"
"Madam Goose's Rhymes" (poem)
Letter to Robert W. Gordon
"The Fear-Master" (incomplete)
"What is Love?" (poem - incomplete)
Letter to Carl Jacobi
"The Vicar of Wakefield"
"Rules of Etiquette" (poem)
Letter to The Ring Magazine
"Tides" (poem)
Untitled ("The times, the times stride on apace and fast") (poem)
Letter to Tevis Clyde Smith
"The Feud Buster" (magazine version)
Verses in Ebony (poetry - original "dummy" prototype - in facsimile)
Letters of Comment by Our Readers
Afterword by Joe Marek
Cover pict

Other editions: none