The "New" Howard Reader #7
Joe & Mona Marek
Year : June 2000
Book No. : n/a
Edition : 1st
Format : Magazine
Pages : 52
Cover art : Joe Marek

"Always Comes Evening" (pure-text reconstruction) (poem)
"Three-Bladed Doom"
"Spanish Gold on Devil Horse"
Letter to "The Eyrie" in Weird Tales, March 1932
Letter to Adventure, August 20, 1924
"Sunday in a Small Town"
"Age Lasting Love"
"Roads" (poem)
"The Fire of Asshurbanipal"
Letter to Charles D. Hornig 
"The Shiek
"The Curse of Greed"
"Pictures in the Fire"
Letter to Novalyne Price ("I heard yesterday...")
"West is West"
"Surrender -- Your Money or Your Vice"
"The Last White Man"
"A Stranger in Grizzley Claw" (magazine version)
Letters of Comment, by Our Readers
Cover pict

Other editions: none