The Howard Reader Special Edition
Joe & Mona Marek
Year : 2000
Book No. : n/a
Edition : 1st
Format : Magazine
Pages : ??
Cover art : Richard Pace

"A Legend of Faring Town" (poem)
"Tigers of the Sea" (original fragment)
"The Adventurer's Mistress" (poem)
"The Slave-Princess" (original fragment & synopsis)
"The Ballad of Buckshot Roberts" (poem)
Letter to "The Eyrie" in Weird Tales Magazine, June 1936
"Men Build Them Houses" (poem)
Letter to The Californian Magazine, Summer1936
"A Hairy-Chested Idealist Sings" (poem)
"Taverel Manor" (original fragment)
"The Isle of Hy-Brasil" (poem)
"Blades of the Brotherhood" (Malachi Grim version)
"To All Sophisticates" (poem)
Letter to P. Schuyler Miller: "I feel indeed honoredthat you and..." 
"Two Men" (poem)
"Nekht Semerkeht" (original fragment & synopsis)
"The Adventurer" (poem
"The Tomb of the Dragon"
"To a Woman" (poem)
Letter to Novalyne Price: "I'm sorry but I won't beable to..." 
"The Night Winds" (poem)
"An Autobiography"
"The Grim Land" (poem)
"Mistress of Death" (original fragment & synopsis)
"To An Earthbound Soul" (poem)
"The House" (original fragment)
"Shadows from Yesterday" (poem)
Letter to Denis Archer, Publisher: "As I promisedin answer..."
"Shadow Thing" (poem)
"The Frost-King's Daughter"
"The Gods of the Jungle Drums" (poem)
"The Mystery of Tannernoe Lodge" (original fragment)
"The Gates of Babylon" (poem)
Letter to Novalyne Price: "I just now read..." 
"Nectar" (poem) 
"Some People Who Have Had Influence Over Me"
"Today" (poem)
"The Isle of the Eons" (World War One section)
"The Outgoing of Sigurd the Jerusalem-Farer" (poem)
"The Door to the World" (original fragment)
"A Pirate Remembers" (poem)
Letter to Emil Petaja: "Thank you very much for thespendid..." 
"De Ol' River Ox" (poem)
"The Devil's Woodchopper" (original fragment)
"To All Lords of Commerce" (poem)
"The Guardian of the Idol" (original fragment &synopsis)
"Man Am I" (poem)
Letter to Novalyne Price: "You needn't have bothered..." 
"Memories of Alfred" (poem)
"The Wandering Years"
"Alien" (poem)
"The Abbey" (original fragment)
"Revolt Pagan" (poem)
"Black Canaan" (original first synopsis)
"The Road to Yesterday" (poem)
"Ring-Tailed Tornado" (Buckner J. Grimes version)
"Never Beyond the Beast" (poem)
"While the Smoke Rolled" (Pike Bearfield version)
"The Ghost Ocean" (poem)
"Sailor Dorgan and the Turkish Menace" (original fragment)
"To All Evangilists" (poem)
"A Touch of Trivia"
"The End of the Glory Trail" (poem)
Authorship Uncertain: "For the Honor of the School","Rivals","His War Medals" & "From Tea to Tee"
"The Outcast" (poem)
"When the Glaciers Rumbled South" (poem)
"Cupid from Bear Creek" (magazine version - in facsimile)
"The Haunted Mountain" (magazine version - in facsimile)
"War on Bear Creek" (magazine version - in facsimile)
The Complete Howard Collection 
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