Books about Robert E. Howard
Amra   -  George Scithers

The Annotated Guide to Robert E. Howard's Sword & Sorcery  -  Starmont House

The Blade of Conan  - Ace

Cromlech: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Criticism  - Cryptic Publications

The Dark Barbarian: The Writings of Robert E. Howard   -  Greenwood Press

The Dark Man: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies   -  Necronomicon Press

Dark Valley Destiny   -  Bluejay Books

Day of the Stranger: Further Memories of Robert E. Howard  -  Necronomicon Press

The Fantastic Worlds of Robert E. Howard   -  James Van Hise

The Howard Collector  -  Ace    Glenn Lord

The Howard Review   -  Dennis McHaney

The Last Celt   -  Donald M. Grant  Berkley

The Miscast Barbarian   -  Gerry de la Ree

One Who Walked Alone   -  Donald M. Grant

Report on a Writing Man & Other Reminiscences of REH  - Necronomicon Press

Robert E. Howard, Oriental Stories and The Souk   - Dennis McHaney

A Short Biography of Robert E. Howard   -  Cross Plains Comics

The Spell of Conan  -  Ace

Starmont Reader's Guide #35: Robert E. Howard   -  Starmont House