Announcements & Events
Available now The New Howard Reader #7. A continuing series of fanzines from Joe Marek which bring together many pieces of extremely rare REH material from out-of-print fanzines and other sources. The complete Howard collector should seriously think about buying these.  Joe's home page is at:
Available now The Conan Chronicles Vol. 1: The People of the Black Circle
Reprints the Conan stories of REH, based on the text of the original Weird Tales appearances. Finally, the long awaited publication of Conan minus the editing of L. Sprague de Camp. The book is available to order at:
Early 2001 (?) Bran Mak Morn: The Last King.  Wandering Star has scheduled the third volume in their Robert E. Howard library for late this year. Its artwork is being done by Gary Gianni, who did the illustrations for their first volume, The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane

Wandering Star's home page:

Late 2001 (?) The Howard Reader Special Edition - Its my understanidng that that this volume is being split into 2 or more New Howard Readers. 

Joe's home page is at:

April 2001 The Conan Chronicles Vol. 2: The Hour of the Dragon. This book finishes out the original REH Conan stories.  The book is available for pre-order at:
June 2001 Robert E. Howard Remembrance Day  - Sponsored by Project Pride of Cross Plains, TX. A two day celebration of Robert E. Howard and his works. The celebration centers around the Robert E. Howard home. Project Pride bought, restored and now operates REH's former home as a museum.  Must do events include a trip to the Howards' graves in Brownwood and a tour of "Howard" country. Friday night is the dinner. Also of interest to the Howard fan and collector is the Cross Plains Library collection of REH material, including rare copies of Weird Tales and several original manuscripts. Many Howard fans will be present at the event and its a great time just to meet and talk. 

More details can be found at the Cross Plains Web site: